Annual meteor shower should be visible in southern Colorado

Super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse when to see it in January 2019

Super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse when to see it in January 2019

The International Meteor Organization predicts the peak of the shower to be at 2 a.m. coordinated universal time, which is around 7 Kingman, according to a conversion chart at The best hours are late night and early predawn-and tonight is when the show is going to reach its peak.

The Quadrantid meteor showers are known for being slow-moving and colorful, including green, yellow, pink and light blue. Make sure you have a chair or blanket so you can look straight up.

The sky will come alive Thursday night and early Friday morning as the Quadrantids meteor shower peaks.

With its "bright fireball meteors" appearing at up to 200 an hour, the Quadrantids meteor shower is considered one of the best ones of the year, said the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on its website.

Between January 20 and 21, a rare super blood moon total lunar eclipse will be visible in North and South America, western areas in Europe and Africa, and a partial lunar eclipse will be visible in central and eastern Africa, Europe and Asia.

Created by debris from the famous Halley's Comet, theEta Aquarid meteor shower will take place from April 19 to May 28 and peak overnight on May 5-6.

So what is the history of this yearly meteor shower?

"The radiant point for the Quadrantids is easy to find as it sits near the Big Dipper, one of the most well-known constellations in the sky", wrote AccuWeather meteorologist Brian Lada in the release.

Mercury will greet earth on November 11, passing right in front of our sun and showing up as a tiny dot illuminated by our sun.

The Quadrantids arrive in the skies each year in the first week of January. The meteors will be visible anywhere in the sky.

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