First partial solar eclipse of 2019 to be observed today

Eclipse 2019 what is a lunar eclipse Super Blood Wolf Moon red

Eclipse 2019 what is a lunar eclipse Super Blood Wolf Moon red

The first solar eclipse of this year will be occurring tomorrow where its greatest time will occur with the time of conjunction of the new crescent of Hijri month "Jamadal Awwal 1440 H", Qatar Calendar House (QCH) announced yesterday. Out of five, there will be two total solar eclipses, one partial lunar eclipse, one partial solar eclipse and one lunar eclipse.

The first partial solar eclipse this year will start at 2:34 am local time, and the greatest of partial solar eclipse will be at 4:41 am local time, while it will end at 6:49 am.

Precautions to take while watching the solar eclipse By now we all know it's not safe to look directly at the sun during a solar eclipse. While partial solar eclipse will not be seen from Qatar, countries of GCC and all countries of Arabic area. It will also be visible from North Pacific Ocean, as well as southwest Alaska.

There are three types of eclipses - total, partial and penumbral. During a solar eclipse, the Moon blocks the Sun's path stopping the sunlight from reaching the Earth.

It will not be visible in India, though it can be viewed from parts of Eastern Asia including Siberia, Mongolia, northeast China, Japan, and Korea.

In a total lunar eclipse the Earth's shadow completely covers the moon.

If the astronomer in you is interested, watch the video streaming of the partial solar eclipse here. Just like how your finger turns red when you press your finger against your phone light, the moon will shine as red because light is still passing through Earth's atmosphere, only the blue is being filtered out, USA Today reports. The phenomenon makes the Sun appear as a disk. Scientists also suggest that the safe way to witness the partial solar eclipse is to watch it through special objective solar filters or hand-held solar viewers.

The Pastor then cited several passages in Zechariah (6, 1:7), Leviticus (19:23-25), and Revelations (6), and noted that based on his Biblical analysis, this Super Wolf Blood Moon indicates, not the end of the world, but a war in the Middle East. People are recommended to use pinhole cameras or special solar eclipse protection glasses to watch this partial solar eclipse.

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