No mention of dentistry in NHS Long Term Plan



'Our vision is clear, our commitment assured, so let's deliver the NHS of the future'.

"Timely treatment for eye conditions is critical when it comes to preventing avoidable sight loss and we would urge NHS England to ensure its delivery plans have a serious focus on the current issues affecting eye health".

"The ambitions in the plan will also in part be determined by factors beyond the NHS' control. And while commitments for the NHS to do more to promote public health are welcome, cuts to local government funding for public health services underline the need for a more consistent approach across government to the population's health".

GPs, mental health and community care are expected to receive the biggest funding increases, as plans look to decrease the reliance on hospitals (which now use around half of the £114bn frontline budget).

It means access to new digital services to bring the NHS into the 21st century.

This is exactly why today we've launched a new Long Term Plan for our NHS.

He said: "The Tories have spent nine years running down the NHS".

NHS England also reiterated its intention to minimise the routine prescribing of "low-clinical-value medicines", in an effort to save more than £200m a year.

In response to the plan, Niall Dickson, chief executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents organisations across the healthcare sector, said it was a "dawn of a new era" for the health service but urged leaders not to make too many promises.

Under the plan there will be a £4.5 billion boost for primary and community care.

In November, the Cavendish Coalition - set up to examine the effects of Brexit on staffing in the health and social care system - forecast a shortage of between 5,000 and 10,000 nurses by 2021.

Despite the 2bn increase to the existing £12bn a year now spent on mental health services in England, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPS) previously expressed concern that this figure is only half what is needed for the NHS to put spending more on par with that of physical health. The NHS 10-year plan is the first long-term plan of its kind in almost two decades, since Tony Blair unveiled a new "fundamental" blueprint for NHS reform, which included a maximum six-month waiting time limit for referral for inpatient procedures, free fruit for infant school children, and an increase in funding for NHS staff in 2000.

Meanwhile, NHS doctors will be able to access specialist mental health support, providing a safe, confidential non-stigmatising service to turn to when they are struggling and need help.

"A key focus of the technology and digital agenda, as with the plan overall, is allowing patients to better manage their own health and care".

Other significant elements of the plan include: improving out-of-hospital care by supporting primary medical and community health services; also drawing on these to support older people through more personalised care; and an emphasis on improving maternity safety.

"This will enable further service expansion and faster access to community and crisis mental health services for both adults and, particularly, children and young people", the plan states.

National Health Service Trusts have already been told they can't buy any more fax machines from this month, and the devices will be banned by 2020.

And the plans aim to ensure three-quarters of cancers are diagnosed early, when they can be treated more successfully, up from half at present.

And we will upgrade urgent care so people can get the right care more quickly.

Mrs May said that the ambitions set out in the plan, which several experts warned would be hard to achieve, was affordable in part because the United Kingdom would no longer be sending "vast annual sums" to Brussels after it leaves the European Union. The Plan suggests that offering a "digital first" option will provide "longer and richer face-to-face consultations with clinicians where patients want it or need it".

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