Here's Where to Move to for Guaranteed Health Care

Bill de Blasio at a press conference announcing NYC Care

Bill de Blasio at a press conference announcing NYC Care

"People from all over the country are going to flood into NY to get their free health care", Thiessen said, adding that he had advice for taxpayers in the country's largest city who will foot the bill.

The $100 million plan, dubbed "NYC Care", is created to provide health insurance for the 600,000 New Yorkers who have either opted out of purchasing insurance, can not afford the premiums available on the state's health-care exchange, or are ineligible for coverage because they are not citizens of the United States.

"From this moment on in New York City everyone is guaranteed the right to health care", de Blasio said.

The program will cost at least $100 million a year.

"Undocumented young adults should not have to worry about losing their health coverage when they turn 19", said Newsom, describing the effort as "another major step toward universal coverage". "It's being treated in a language you can understand by people who actually care about your health and well-being".

Starting this summer, the city officials said, they will work to enroll undocumented residents through New York City Health + Hospitals, a network of public hospitals and clinics across the five boroughs.

"We are not going to fall for the trick of waiting for Washington, D.C., to solve our problems", the mayor said.

Sure, those gaining the sort of insurance reserved for the really rich on Wall Street or members of public unions will continue to get that private kind. And because more people will get preventive care, the city might actually save money, he added. "They need health care; their families need health care". When you get people in front of a physician in a timely manner, when you avoid hospitalizations and intensive treatments, you cut out a staggering expense: Those savings are projected to help cover NYC Care.

The mayor said all services would be affordable on a sliding scale for those who are able to pay a portion of the costs, while those who can not afford to pay will receive care for free.

Wait times to see a primary care doctor would be in line with the one to two weeks it now takes, officials said.

Williams also wondered about de Blasio's implementation strategy but welcomed that mental health services would be included under NYC Care.

De Blasio first touted NYC Care during an interview Tuesday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe".

"I have seen first- hand some of the disadvantages that our healthcare system deals to people who are of a different background than their provider, be it racially, culturally or economically".

The city's plan is similar to programs that have been established elsewhere like the Healthy San Francisco initiative but is broader, said Katz, who has previously led health agencies in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In 2014, a yearlong pilot program called "Action Health NYC" showed that enrollees were more likely to receive preventive care and diagnoses of chronic conditions.

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