Kevin Hart Says He Won't Host Oscars, Is "Over It"

This will be the first time the event hasn't had a single host. Credit PA

This will be the first time the event hasn't had a single host. Credit PA

Last week, Hart told Ellen DeGeneres that he would reevaluate his decision not to host the Oscars, but he's now made up his mind - and it's a no for him. "There's no more conversation about it ... I can't do that right now", Hart continued. It remains to be seen how that will come together, but Variety says this year's plans include key changes that will require less time from a host anyway, so the absence of one may not be as strongly felt.

When asked if he would host in future, he added: "It's hard to predict what can happen".

From there Hart spoke about his upcoming schedule, and how he wouldn't be able to dedicate himself fully to the award show that he's now moved on from.

"If anybody out there wants to believe that Kevin Hart is that much of a monster that he wouldn't love somebody due to their choice in life, then all power to them".

Last month, the 39-year-old comedian announced he would not be hosting the upcoming Academy Awards after facing controversy over resurfaced tweets from almost a decade ago which contained homophobic remarks and offensive slurs.

In an emotional interview last Friday, DeGeneres revealed to Hart that she lobbied the Academy for him to be brought back. I'm over that, I'm over the moment, and I'm about today.

Kevin Hart stepped down. Credit PA
Kevin Hart stepped down. Credit PA

"As it stands, no new offers are out, nor are any expected to be made to a single potential host to fill the void left by Kevin Hart", reports Variety.

"I'm not saying how I've changed anymore, I'm not saying what I've done and what the new me is".

While the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences still haven't chosen a host for the 2019 Oscars, comedian Awkwafina has thrown her name into the mix. "So if it's accepted, great, and if it's not, it's nothing I can control". I'm not giving no more, because it's endless. You want me to be the face of this community because of this joke? "That's an attack, that's a malicious attack on my character, that's an attack to end me, that's not an attack to just stop the Oscars".

"I've said everything I can possibly say and I'm over it". Hart declined to answer that question but wanted to focus on being "a good person" who shouldn't have to justify who he is.

The Awards are set to take place on 24 February and will air live around the globe; with just six weeks to go the team behind the event are said to be "scrambling to line up talent".

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