Samsung showcases the future of connected living at CES

Samsung launches more capable smart refrigerator

Samsung launches more capable smart refrigerator

Also no crease is left in the device, folding the device totally flat will apparently break the display - no sitting on this one when closed.

Which Samsung phone are you looking forward to the most this year? Given their 50 year history of industry leading technology, I don't doubt that Samsung will not only achieve their goals, but also exceed them. While Samsung uses the E name in its Galaxy tablet line, it hasn't been used for the company's phones.

The second of the two phones is the Samsung Galaxy X, or Galaxy Fold, a prototype of which was first shown to the public in November 2019, and then reportedly shown to a select few clients this week at CES in Las Vegas.

Uber, Ticketmaster and others are using Bixby to make their services more intelligent. "The new Samsung Galaxy is about to change your world", writes EE. And, Bixby will continue to grow as more partners, such as Google, join the ecosystem.

For Entertainment, the company unveiled its largest yet QLED 8K TV, of 98 inches.

One of the newest features to be announced is the new "Family Board" and this is created to relate to family members on an individual level through the option for each family member to personalize the experience in their own way.

Samsung says that the Digital Cockpit will be able to recognise specific drivers and passengers via onboard cameras and will organise the car's environment accordingly, adjusting the seat, display, and lighting preferences, and even queuing up favourite playlists.

The tech giant also claims that the Digital Cockpit will provide a safer driving experience thanks to their "mirror replacement vision system" and "camera-based safety solutions" which Samsung credits to its Cellular-V2X technology.

Head over to the page and you can sign up to get more details about the phone when it's announced.

Samsung also offered a peek into the future of Connected Living by demonstrating its latest developments in robotics platforms including the Samsung Bot Care, Samsung Bot Air, Samsung Bot Retail, and Samsung GEMS. With its advances in AI and robotics, the company is harnessing its best assets to make a positive impact on society and shape a better world.

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