Alfonso Cuarón’s Mystery ‘Roma’ Album Gets an Inspired Billie Eilish Teaser



But Eilish has adopted the tiniest bits and pieces of the movie on the way to arriving at something that ends up far afield in every way but mood.

At just 17 years of age, American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish continues her rise to prominence, this week sharing a brand new song, titled "When I Was Older". Eilish and her brother, Finneas O'Connell, composed a song based around various scenes within the film. This lyrics is seemingly inspired by a line from the movie: A child who can remember his past lives says in the film, "When I was older I used to be a sailor, but I drowned in a storm".

But Eilish, bathing her voice in a digital tone, does sing about "watching movies back to back in black and white", seemingly as she mentally exorcises someone from her system. "Lines like "memories burn like a forest fire" are accompanied by the sounds of the trees burning in the woods outside the house".

Global superstar Billie Eilish has released an original song for the forthcoming 'Inspired By' album to the critically acclaimed, two-time Golden Globe®-winning Netflix film, ROMA. The chorus has the ocean sounds overplayed on it.

Listen to the mesmerizing "When I Was Older" below. But Eilish has pointed out that the song was inspired by Roma. This new song "WHEN I WAS OLDER" comes with the notation (Music Inspired By The Film ROMA), which doesn't mean it was part of the soundtrack but indeed is a song Billie wrote drawing inspiration from the film.

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