Canadian town asks for help regarding odd seal situation

Many of the seals are in two brooks right in town says Roddickton Mayor Sheila Fitzgerald

Many of the seals are in two brooks right in town says Roddickton Mayor Sheila Fitzgerald

While the rescue plays out, the seals are still put at risk by what turns out to be dangerously effective urban camouflage: Their coats blend right in with the snow and sanded roads.

The disoriented seals, Stenson said, just keep on keeping on, hoping for the best.

A wandering seal that parked itself in front of a southern Newfoundland hospital entrance over the weekend has been returned to the water - twice.

The incident comes on the heels of another ongoing case of seals descending on a Newfoundland town, raising the complicated question of who should be responsible for safely removing the flippered guests.

Fisheries officers have been stationed in town and are assessing the situation and investigating their options for the stranded seals, Stenson said. Previously, she said, an officer had to come in from the office in St. Anthony, 140 kilometres away.

Two have been accidentally struck by cars at night, and several townsfolk have expressed concerns to local media that the chubby, big-eyed beasts may soon starve without access to food.

Brendon Fitzpatrick, the mayor of nearby Conche, has been documenting the stuck seals on Twitter.

Roddickton-Bide Arm is on an important sealing migration route.

Garland said complaints about the situation have gone through the town. Most of the sightings appear to have been around bodies of water, but police could become engaged if they receive a report of the seals causing legitimate danger. "If it's near a town you hear more about it, but it's not totally uncommon for us to get this".

Canadian law prohibits the public from disturbing marine mammals. "However, a seal is a wild animal that should not be approached or touched". In yet another incident of freaky animal invasion, dozens of seals have descended upon the roads and the driveways of the town, creating an unfamiliar experience for the residents.

Roddickton Mayor Sheila Fitzgerald said the wayward animals have been blocking roads, driveways and doors - and residents are unable to move them because it is illegal to touch marine mammals.

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