Criminal Minds finally coming to an end after 15 seasons

Criminal Minds  Twitter

Criminal Minds Twitter

Criminal Minds' 14th season is now airing and the programme's official Twitter account revealed on Thursday there would only be one more.

'It's really bittersweet, but I'm so, so grateful to CBS for giving us this heads-up, ' showrunner Erica Messer told TVLine.

That's when all the networks involved, CBS, ABC Studios and CBS TV Studios, came to the decision that the series should be extended for one more season so that they could spin a proper finale.

Deadline reports that the fifteenth and final season will include 10 episodes and will air between 2019 and 2020. The upcoming season will be 10 episodes long and will be shot on the heels of the current season.

The show is now in the middle of its 14th season and the final season will air during the 2019-20 season.

Along with the possible appearances of some of the show's departed stars, Messer teased some of the most memorable bad guys from the series could make an appearance.

"I am very hopeful that we can honor all of those characters who have been beloved and with this team, with the audience for years, but I don't know what that's going to look like; I don't know the logistics of anything or the story", she said.

Once Patinkin left the show, I kind of lost interest. By the time the show wraps, it will have made 325 episodes. Executive producer and director Glenn Kershar will be directing the emotional installment. "So my guess is tearjerker more than anything else, that's how I'd describe it". That's not my instinct, mainly because I've been here for so long with all of these voices, I just don't want that to be how it ends for them.

Criminal Minds airs at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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