Dave Grohl chugs beer, falls off stage at Las Vegas show

Dave Grohl falls off stage after chugging beer

Dave Grohl falls off stage after chugging beer

In a video posted to Instagram by a concert attendee, Grohl can be seen walking to the side of the stage while continuing to play the guitar.

In the clip, a fan gives Grohl a can of beer which he tries to guzzle before falling from the stage.

Fans cheered at the very rock-n-roll move, but found themselves anxious soon after.

The trouble came when he tried to get back up on the stage - and immediately fell off.

Thankfully the stage was smaller than the last stack and security guards softened the fall. The rocker appeared fine and even did a light jog back to his normal position to finish out the show.

Then, after failing miserably the first time, Grohl picked up the can and chugged the rest of the bad boy in five seconds flat.

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