Players voted to replace Blake Bortles with Colin Kaepernick in National Football League survey



The overwhelming majority of NFL players believe Colin Kaepernick deserves to play in the league according to a newly published survey in The Athletic.

Kaepernick received a vote of confidence from the survey voters.

Plenty of players and teams got at least a single vote here, including for some backups, like Chad Henne of the Chiefs and C.J. Beathard of the 49ers. 20% of voters said they would replace Jacksonville's Blake Bortles with Kaepernick.

Brady also was voted for quarterback players would most want to face in a big game, getting 18 percent of the vote, with a number of defensive players preferring to beat the GOAT with everything on the line rather than face Nathan Peterman, who came in second with 15 percent. "S-t, any team that carries three quarterbacks for sure, the third guy on that roster".

It's been two full seasons since Colin Kaepernick played in an National Football League game while a long list of objectively worse quarterbacks have seen playing time.

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