Sizable Price Tag Posing Challenge For LG’s Rollable TV

LG Display declares war on motion blur with big screen OLED panels

LG Display declares war on motion blur with big screen OLED panels

CNET reports that Samsung's line of 8K TVs offers upscaling, but for a TV that size you'd probably want native 8K.

Screen sizes have increased as resolution improved and consumers demanded a more immersive viewing experience. Whenever the TV is not in use, the screen can automatically roll down.

This year, companies including LG, Samsung, and Sony showed-off their latest prototypes at the annual consumer electronics show. The TV space is one area where we haven't seen any new innovations in terms of the design. The remarkable AI picture and sound quality powered by LG's second generation α (Alpha) 9 intelligent processor and deep learning algorithm puts this breathtaking TV in a class of its own. One that makes the TV more utilitarian is Live View which lets you use giant controls when listening to music, view photos from your phone, and more.

The TV can be voice controlled using Alexa or SIri, and can switch into "Line View" with a smaller screen for showing a clock, or music controls.

Lastly, not to be outdone by Samsung's announcement that its 2019 TVs will support iTunes on its Tizen smart TV platform, LG says that it will support AirPlay 2. just stopping short of creating an iTunes app on the LG TV Store. The screen has a 3.2.2 channel sound system embedded directly into the display panel which, when combined with Dolby Atmos technology, is reported to result in dynamic audio from a viewer's top, bottom, left and right.

LG Display declares war on motion blur with big screen OLED panels

LG has officially announced that it is bringing its 65-inch rollable OLED TV to the market.

This is all wrapped in a brushed aluminum casing with a wool speaker cover.

The CES 2019 is in full swing, and as expected, the event isn't much about mobiles phones, but rather we are seeing different tech giants unveiling smart TV, Laptops and gaming monitors.

The LG brand was established in 1995. LG Electronics Canada comprised of five business units - Mobile Communications, Home Appliance, Home Entertainment, Business Solutions and Commercial Air Conditioning. These innovative products include cell phones, flat screen TVs, laptop computers and home appliances.

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