Costco is now selling a 27-pound bucket of macaroni and cheese

Credit CBS3

Credit CBS3

Or, I don't know, maybe you can now, thanks to Costco.

The wholesale store is taking steps to make sure you never have to worry about running out of mac-and-cheese. The big box retailer is offering a massive bucket of mac and cheese with a shelf life so long that you won't need to venture outdoors until the year 2039.

(At the writing of this article, it is sold out at The tub contains 180 servings and has a shelf life of 20 years, according to People. That'd be hella gross. Until you finish all 180 servings. It also seems like a good buy for anyone who frequently goes camping, is looking to feed a small army, or prepare for an emergency situation. Costco does not appear to have commented on when it will be back in stock, but anyone interested in ordering may want to check back with their website regularly.

While the nearly-24-pound container of cheesy bliss has become one of the most talked about items on the Internet, the sad reality is that it is now sold out.

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