Chris Pratt Starts New 21-Day Diet Based on the Bible

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

"It's 21 days of prayer and fasting".

"It's going to coincide also, coincidentally, with the "Lego Movie 2" junket", he said.

The Daniel Fast is a Bible-based diet that has those partaking to only eat fruits, vegetables and unleavened breads. Meat, dairy, and other animal products are banned - and only water is available to drink (no coffee or alcohol!). As Pratt said, the diet program, which apparently aims to have participants "draw nearer to God", lasts 21 days and involves extended prayer and counseling.

One maker of Daniel Fast welcomed the publicity Chris Pratt's announcement has generated about the programme. We're not sure whether this means he's shacking up with new partner Katherine Schwarzenegger, who he has inexplicably chose to call "chief", but he's definitely packing up to go somewhere. "So, by the time you see me, I'll probably be hallucinating", he added.

According to People Magazine, the Daniel Fast is a faith-driven diet "similar to a vegan diet" as it only allows the person to consume food "grown from the seed".

The actor recently opened up about how he was struggling to stay fit during the holidays.

Per People, this isn't the first diet Pratt has followed.

"So I'm doing this intermittent fasting thing; don't eat till noon, try to get my cardio in in the morning".

Just this week, Chris Pratt told his followers in an Instagram story, "Hi, Chris Pratt here". It's actually kinda cool.

Described by its creators as a biblical fast "to deny food for a spiritual purpose", the Daniel Fast has proven particularly popular in the United States.

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