James Middleton reveals secret depression battle

James Middleton

James Middleton

He wrote, "I know I'm richly blessed and live a privileged life".

Alizee and James have been dating for six months, and they are said to be "deliriously happy".

"In the days before, I'd finally confronted the fact that I couldn't cope any longer, that I wasn't all right; that I desperately needed help". "I feel compelled to talk about it openly because this is precisely what my brother-in-law Prince William, my sister Catherine and Prince Harry are advocating through their mental health charity Heads Together".

The extended family, joined by Kate, James and Pippa's mum Carole and Michael, stayed at the Eden Rock, a hotel owned by the Matthews and yeah, they had a ball by all accounts.

"Although I'd never say I am cured. now I understand it and, with professional help, have worked out strategies for coping. It was impossible to let my loved ones know about the torture in my mind".

James, 31, struggled for about a year before reaching out for help in December 2017.

Luckily, the time away also gave him the final push to seek help and he eventually began seeing Dr Stephen Pereira, a consultant psychiatrist and cognitive behaviour therapy specialist. "It means that I come up with fantastic, original ideas - but it also explains why I have had difficulties with the minutiae of running a business".

Going on to say he believes his ADD is a gift and "accounts for my creativity and emotional intensity", Middleton hopes that in sharing his story others will feel the stigma of dealing with mental illness lift off their shoulders, so to speak.

"I'm starting to impose order on my life", James continued.

"You may wonder why I have chosen to speak now about the clinical depression that first hit me at the end of 2016. If I know I really need to concentrate on a task, I might take medication prescribed by my doctor to control my symptoms", James said of his ADD.

"Their anxious texts grew more insistent by the day, yet they went unanswered as I sank progressively deeper into a morass of despair. I felt as if I was going insane".

Kate Middleton's dapper brother James has made his Instagram public, and it's full of the cutest animal photos you can find.

"Proud of Ella [for] becoming a PAT dog this year", James wrote.

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