Lexus RC F unveiled in Detroit with track-ready flagship

Limited Run RC F Track Edition Debuts In Detroit

Limited Run RC F Track Edition Debuts In Detroit

Expect a slight price hike for the 2020 RC F over the current car's $65,745 starting price, with the Track Edition-which comes only in white or matte gray with a red interior-commanding a fair bit extra. It turns out the Japanese brand had much bigger plans for its high-performance coupe. Following the RC coupe's facelift unveil a few months ago at the Paris Motor Show, Lexus pulled the cover off the new Track Edition model today in Detroit.

The new track-ready vehicle could finally silence doubters that the RC F isn't as sharp as rivals such as the Audi RS 5, BMW M4 and Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe.

Under the bonnet, the RC F's naturally aspirated 5,0-litre V8 remains, although it gains a smidgen more oomph, now sending 352 kW and 535 N.m to the rear axle.

Opt for the RC F Track Edition and you'll see the 0-60 miles per hour run take just 4.0 seconds, even with the car's 472-hp rating matching the standard RC F. The key is a diet rich in carbon fiber and lightweight 19-inch alloys, the latter also helping to reduce unsprung mass. This is joined by a higher final drive ratio for the standard 8-speed automatic transmission, which together with a new launch control system sees the 0-60 miles per hour time come in at a brisk 4.2 seconds.

According to Lexus, the RC Track Edition weighs 176 pounds less than the RC F, which itself has been made lighter than last year's model via hollow rear half shafts, aluminum suspension brackets, a pared-down intake manifold and a smaller air conditioning compressor.

Inside, the Track Edition features red leather with Alcantara accents, along with red carbon trim on the doors and facia. While it is still heavier than a comparable BMW M4 CS, Lexus still managed to remove an average size adult male from the car's mass, which they promise makes it a worthy track star. In addition, the RC F now includes electronic launch control as standard.

We're curious to see what the lighter Track Edition can do at our Lightning Lap event, where the previous RC F's time of 3:05.6 was hampered by its excess poundage-as we put it, "The RC F only needs a diet to be faster".

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