BioWare Details ‘Anthem’ Endgame with New Missions, Stories

Anthem Coming To PS5 With Game Save Files Carrying Over - Rumor

Anthem Coming To PS5 With Game Save Files Carrying Over - Rumor

With BioWare's Anthem game being a looter shooter, its endgame content has been a point of much discussion ever since it was revealed, especially after its recent demos.

Strongholds represent some of the longest and most hard challenges in Anthem, and players will need to assemble a team to tackle them.

Contracts and Legendary Contracts open to powerful Freelancers in Fort Tarsis will give you further multi-part missions and rewards, as will Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Challenges.

Continuing the series, this gameplay video showcases your first story in Anthem, along with javelin personalization and a look at the expanding world of Anthem and its endgame content. Crafting blueprints will also enable you to obtain other gear and personalisation items, with said blueprints, crafting materials and coin earned for completing endgame objectives.

The video also teases that you can do freeplay in the end-game. Contracts will allow players to increase their reputation with different factions, granting them access to crafting blueprints. They're called "the highest-level challenges" that are "longer missions" against "some of the deadliest enemies in the world", and they're rewarded with "some of the best loot in the game". Strongholds are some of the highest-level fixed challenges in Anthem, and they'll put your entire squad to the test.

All mission types can be accessed through the game's free-roaming mode, called Freeplay. It's rather vague, but you can see these in the images embedded above.

Are you hyped for ANTHEM?

The Cataclysm is described as "a world-changing, time-limited event" that will bring extreme weather, risky new enemies and new mysteries to get to the bottom of in Anthem's world. Hop in your Javelin and go soaring about the comments section below.

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