San Diego Fleet Quarterback Mike Bercovici Suffers Brutal Hit During AAF Opener

Get Prepared For The Alliance Of American Football, Which Debuts On Saturday Night

Get Prepared For The Alliance Of American Football, Which Debuts On Saturday Night

The folks behind the Alliance of American Football agree, and as such, the nascent league will make its debut on Saturday evening.

Tonight the Alliance of American Football gave Orlando professional football again as a thankful and loud crowd at Spectrum Stadium welcomed the Orlando Apollos home in a big way.

While the league adopted numerous NFL rules, there are a few tweaks and changes.

There are no extra points; every touchdown is followed by a two-point conversion attempt.

"Well, it is a little unusual when you go out there to get ready for the opening kickoff and there is no opening kickoff", said a smiling Coyle.

"We're not competitive, we're complementary", Ebersol said. "I think there will be some growing pains, but it will all sort its way out".

First and for most, the production quality of this game was really good.

The Apollos' head coach Steve Spurrier is no stranger to the state of Florida.

"I think the rain deterred the crowd a little bit", said a grinning Spurrier. With week one in the books, things are actually looking pretty good. Better than I expected.

The football was fun and fast-paced, they're trying some new innovations like transparency on instant replay that might translate well to the NFL, the TV production was well done, the fans sounded like they thought they were getting their money's worth, and, most importantly, it's football at a time of year when we otherwise wouldn't have any to watch.

After the way that the AAF got started on Saturday, there is real hype about the new football league taking the world by storm.

Gilbert's 26-yard touchdown pass in the first minute of the second quarter to Jalin Marshall not only put Orlando up, 7-3, but it was the first touchdown in AAF history.

Orlando special? Orlando special! Wide receiver Charles Johnson led all receivers with four catches for 60 yards. Akeem Hunt was the team's leading rushing with 73 yards on 10 carries. Orlando finished with four sacks, seven quarterback hits and seven tackles-for-loss. They have to score a touchdown and go for two.

The league will feature eight teams, and the games will be featured on CBS and NFL Network. Some of the players with National Football League experience have not played in years, and we have already seen a few of these players get beat out for starting jobs.

But you have to start somewhere, and the start for the AAF is a clear win.

Mike Bercovici had his "welcome to the AAF" moment. Orlando will be able to enjoy this victory for a day or two before starting to prepare for a road game against the San Antonio Commanders. That game will be played on February 17 at 4PM EST.

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