What caused these rare 'ghost apples' to form?

Freezing rain creates unusual phenomena 'ghost apples'

Freezing rain creates unusual phenomena 'ghost apples'

The freezing rain has caused all kinds of trouble this week around MI, but here's at least one wonderful thing it brought us.

Andrew Sietsema was pruning apple trees in an icy orchard in western MI when he came across some.

Western Michigan has been experiencing extreme changes in temperature this week, from an Arctic blast, to above average temperatures to a day of freezing rain, according to CNN meteorologist Judson Jones.

Sietsema said it was cold enough outside that the ice covering the apples hadn't melted yet, but warm enough to turn the apples into mush.

When he shook the tree, some of the rotted apples tumbled to the ground, leaving the encasing behind.

While most of the apples fell off of the trees - ice and all - "quite a few would leave a cool "ghost apple" behind", he continued, joking the creations could also be called "Jona-ghosts". "Jonagolds are one of my favorite apple varieties, but we'll call these 'Jonaghosts, '" Sietsema said.

The end result is a cool, ghostly shell that's just slightly less fragile but a lot more handsome than a rotten, mushy apple.

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