Google Maps AR Navigation Testing Begins, Coming to Select Users Soon

Google Will Soon Show Directions Via Yr Camera Like Informative ‘Pokémon GO

Google Will Soon Show Directions Via Yr Camera Like Informative ‘Pokémon GO

The company showed this upcoming AR feature at its annual developer conference Google I/O in 2018.

While navigation by way of Google Maps is, for the most part, a smooth process for pedestrians, there's usually an awkward moment of failed orientation when you first start the feature and try and line yourself up with the little blue dot.

Pierce notes that the interface he previewed could change, and that Google isn't saying when the feature will roll out to users, just that it'll be available to "a few Local Guides" soon, and "will come to everyone only when the company is satisfied that it's ready".

Google introduced a new augmented reality (AR) mode for Maps at I/O 2018 and it was one of the biggest crowd-pleasers at the keynote a year ago.

If you are a Google Maps Local Guide in the United States, you should check out this feature today. Next, it uses a camera to generate a more accurate location with 3D arrows that tell you where to turn. You can't use the AR view consistently; the app will ask you to put the phone down after awhile.

Surprisingly though, Google doesn't want you to depend on AR too much when you're on trips. This could be for safety reasons: If your smartphone is in AR mode for a long time, it will make your screen darker and you won't focus on obstacles ahead. On top of that, your battery would drain really fast, so it's probably best to use the AR navigation feature in shorter intervals.

Google didn't announce when the Google Maps AR navigation feature will be downloadable for everyone, however, it will be interesting to see how it will elevate people's routes in the near future.

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