Police search for woman abducted outside Miami auto shop

Video shows man abducting woman in Miami police say

Video shows man abducting woman in Miami police say

The Miami Police Department is reaching out for tips on the abduction of a woman captured on surveillance cameras. She was taken by force and placed into a newer model four-door white Nissan Altima with a paper tag.

What they do know is what's on the video and what witnesses described: A black female in her late 20s or early 30s in a long-sleeved shirt and dark trousers entered La Ceiba Tire Shop at 2345 NW 36th St.

"He's going to kill me", she screamed before being forced into the man's auto and driven off, witnesses told WPLG-Ch. 10.

"[She said], 'I have to hide from him because he's gonna kill me, '" said a witness who asked not to be identified or show his face on camera.

The unknown woman was reportedly heard screaming "Call 911, he's going to kill me" as she was dragged away and forced into a vehicle by what police believe was an armed assailant. The police video then cuts to a different angle and shows what appears to be a man leading a struggling woman through the parking garage and forcing her into the vehicle.

The video shows the man walking the woman outside with his arms wrapped around her neck and forcing her inside the vehicle. So he put her on the driver's seat.

"We're asking anyone with any information in regards to this abduction, this kidnapping, please come forward with any and all information", Miami Police Commander Freddie Cruz said. "This is someone's daughter, this is someone's sister, someone's family member".

"We don't know the whereabouts of this young lady". We need to apprehend this individual.

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