'Dachshund was robbed': People are outraged over the Westminster Dog Show victor

Maud Earl's 1896 oil painting of a St. Bernard titled

Maud Earl's 1896 oil painting of a St. Bernard titled"I Hear a Voice" is among the treasured pieces at AKC's Museum of the Dog. Right A visitor tries the"Find Your Match touch screen

King the Wire Fox Terrier won for the terrier group.

Kent and Gwen Meyer, who own Meyer's Tails Up Farm in Belvidere, are heading to Westminster with two top-winning show dogs.

"After you win this show, there's really nothing else to do", Rangel told Fox Sports after the win, when he was asked what King would do next.

Also in the final ring were Bean the popular Sussex spaniel, Burns the crowd-pleasing longhaired dachshund, Wilma the boxer and Baby Lars the bouviers des Flandres.

"He should be running around in a field of grass", Rangel said moments after King won the terrier group and claimed the top trophy over finalists from five other groups.

Expected to do well, 7-year-old King won in breed judging Tuesday morning and advanced to the terrier group round. Then it's the best in show competition, where group winners go up against one another. Colton the schipperke is out of the show!

King is the talk of dog parks around the world today.

"These types of things happen at dog shows and the rules are such to maintain the integrity of the sport", the American Kennel Club said in a statement.

Two breeds of dog, the Nederlandse kooikerhondje and the Grand basset griffon Vendéen, competed at Westminster for the first time this year, having joined the sporting group and the hound group, respectively, in 2018.

A day after winning the nonsporting group and a place in the final ring of seven, Colton was ruled ineligible for best in show.

The Westminster Kennel Club's show, in its 143rd year, is the second oldest US sporting event, behind only the Kentucky Derby horse race.

The obedience competition, added to the dog show in 2016, features the strong bond between dog and owner, as does the Westminster agility contest, added in 2014. That's because the judge was a breeder of both dogs. Those two competitions are the only parts of Westminster that allow mixed-breed dogs (dubbed "all-American" dogs) to compete. Border collies have dominated agility, winning the championship in five out of six years, though Rudy the bulldog, another competitor from OH, was also a crowd favorite during his spirited run.

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