Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Popularity Plummets After Abortion Law

Trump, Cuomo discuss abortion, taxes, infrastructure in Oval Office meeting

Trump, Cuomo discuss abortion, taxes, infrastructure in Oval Office meeting

Trump reinvigorated hopes that the provision would be lifted or adjusted last week when he told reporters he was "open to talking about" revisions to the cap.

"President Trump talked about the positive impacts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on the American economy, and the president listened to the governor's concerns regarding SALT", a statement from the White House read.

Speaking at an Albany press conference, Cuomo said the $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions (SALT) that can be deducted on federal returns has cut New York's projected income tax revenues by billions of dollars. It hit especially hard in states with higher home prices and tax rates such as New York, New Jersey and California. Trump signed the tax reforms into law in late 2017.

But Tuesday's conversation wasn't limited to taxes and tax legislation.

"The president is obviously very proud of the tax bill, and Republicans are not ready to start looking at ways to roll back any of its provisions", said Jonathan McCollum, the director of federal government affairs for Davidoff Hutcher & Citron, a NY law firm with a Washington office.

"The president raised his concerns to Governor Cuomo about Democrats' support of late-term abortions", the White House statment read.

Under Cuomo's leadership, NY banned horizontal drilling and fracking statewide in 2015.

Mr. Cuomo has been broadly criticized after promoting and passing some of the most liberal abortion legislation in the state, guaranteeing women the right to abort their unborn children any time up until birth for vaguely defined reasons of "health", including social well-being. "Yes, I understand their religious view", he said.

Trump has said he wants Congress to pass a ban on late-term abortion of fetuses that "can feel pain in the mother's womb" - an unlikely proposition, given Democratic control of the U.S. House.

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