Measles Outbreak In Clark County, Washington, Up To 71 Confirmed Cases

Department of Health

Department of Health

Health officials in New York City continue to report a rising measles outbreak in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens.

Dr. Tam says some parents are more afraid of the measles vaccine than the virus itself and it's because of "misleading, or worse, entirely false information" online.

Canterbury Medical Officer of Health, Dr Ramon Pink says general practice teams have already begun vaccinating those who need it most - that's those most at risk of harm if they get measles.

"So far, our immunization accomplishment may be attributed to the zealousness of the health workers in trying to stem the upsurge in measles cases", he added.

The Canterbury DHB is working with the Ministry of Health and PHARMAC on vaccine availability for priority groups.

The Department of Health (DOH) reiterated its appeal to parents or guardians of preschool and grade school pupils to have the children vaccinated before school comes to a close.

"We are targeting to vaccinate our schoolchildren at this time before school closes on April 5, since we are nearly finished vaccinating in our health centers", said Health Secretary Francisco Duque III. "And the second dose of the vaccine is for that small percentage who do not gain immunity from that first vaccine", he said.

Wellington early childhood centres and schools have been sent letters warning them about the risks of measles, as outbreaks of the highly-contagious disease crop up across the country. The disease most often spreads before people even know they are sick. Tam, in her statement, talks about parents who in the past few weeks have spoken of the hard recoveries that took weeks or months, the permanent disabilities some children face and, in some cases, deaths.

Their proponents are known as anti-vaxxers are always arguing about the fact that certain vaccines such are the preventive ones for mumps, measles, and rubella or MMR can cause autism.

Sadly, as a paediatric infectious disease specialist, I have witnessed the devastating effects of vaccine preventable diseases on the lives of children and their families.

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