Imam says New Zealand is broken-hearted but not broken

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Today, all he saw was love and compassion, as thousands gathered in Hagley Park - and millions stopped around New Zealand and the world - to honour the 50 killed at the two Christchurch mosques on March 15.

"And I've got to give all my respect to the New Zealand prime minister, with her position and her actions, and it speaks loud", he said.

At Hagley Park the Al Noor mosque's imam, Gamal Fouda, thanked New Zealanders for their support.

The Muslim call to prayer was broadcast nationally at 1.30pm (8.30am Singapore time), followed by two minutes of silence.

People across New Zealand are observing the Muslim call to prayer as the nation reflects on the moment one week ago when 50 people were slaughtered at two mosques.

Ardern, who was present at the ceremony held less than 500 metres away from the Al Noor mosque, where 42 people were gunned down on Friday, quoted the Prophet Muhammad during a brief address to the crowd.

Thousands more were listening in on the radio or watching on television as the event was broadcast live.

"Now... we are announcing a ban on all military-style semi-automatics and assault rifles in New Zealand", Ardern said at a press conference.

Hundreds of women across New Zealand have posted photos of themselves proudly wearing hijab at work, home and out in the community on the Wear a Headscarf Friday Facebook page and on other social media platforms.

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"We must follow New Zealand's lead, take on the NRA (National Rifle Asso-ciation) and ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons in the USA".

The authorities have estimated more than 2,000 people will likely attend the prayers and the burials during the day. She moved to Perth from Christchurch in 2003, and says he died before she had a chance to meet him.

The headscarfforharmony began after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wore a black headscarf while meeting and comforting relatives of killed and injured victims a day following the tragedy.

Police and contractors had rushed to complete crime scene investigations and restore the Al Noor and Linwood mosques in time for the Islamic ritual. "She said the guns will eventually be destroyed", Campbell added.

"I mean, it doesn't make sense to me people can keep dying and no change happens", Salt said.

"It's just wonderful to see how the country and the community have come together - blows my mind, actually", Imam said before the event. "But what he's done, he was hoping to divide us, and instead, he's brought us all together in one big hug", she said, referring to the gunman. "It's just not right".

The Al Noor mosque's imam said workers have been toiling feverishly to fix the destruction, some of whom offered their services for free.

Women wore headscarves as they gathered for the Muslim call to prayer in Hagley Park in Christchurch on Friday. It's expected the mosque will reopen by next week.

The #headscarfforharmony movement, launched by an Auckland doctor, encouraged people to wear headscarves on Friday to show their support for the Muslim community.

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