'SNL' Cold Open Finds Joe Biden Getting Sensitivity Training

Jason Sudiekis as Vice President Joe Biden Fred Armisen as President Barack Obama

Jason Sudiekis as Vice President Joe Biden Fred Armisen as President Barack Obama

"I'm a hugger, I'm a kisser and I'm a little bit of a sniffer". But, he added, the last thing he wanted to do was offend anyone. The seeming wisdom of their plan is reinforced when Sudeikis' Biden introduces himself to McKinnon's Gwen by leaning his forehead against hers and grabbing her arms.

Said Strong before Sudeikis' Biden bursted in for a meeting: "Joe's a good guy, and he means well".

"I did the 23 and Me thing, like Lizzy Warren, and turns out I am 1 percent Eskimo, so I can do this kissing thing", Sudeikis says.

He asked questions about what was appropriate contact, including tickling a woman's palm, "lifting her shirt up and blowing sherbets on her tummy" and things like "that gorgeous life that they do at the end of "Dirty Dancing.'" He was also put to the test with some female voters brought in, during which he ended up cradling Aidy Bryant " s face and got punched in the gut for his efforts.

And the sensitivity training he proved to need didn't stop with physicality. Seconds later he asked Alexa to play Lou Rawls and when Thompson asked for it to stop, he replied, "Of all the people".

Sudeikis' Biden started by barging through the door, and never once let up. In a joke referencing Biden's videotaped response to the accusations against him, Jost quipped that "a pro-Trump group released a new ad saying that Biden's behavior with women is unacceptable and should instantly disqualify him from running".

Then, Leslie Jones enters and immediately recognizes Biden as "Obama's granddaddy" before pulling him in for a hug. "We can do that!"

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