‘Body brokers’ charged with selling diseased human remains

Father and Son Scammed Donors and Researchers by Selling Diseased Body Parts Say Federal Charges

Father and Son Scammed Donors and Researchers by Selling Diseased Body Parts Say Federal Charges

Donald Greene II has been charged with misprision of a felony - allegedly having knowledge of the scheme to defraud, not reporting it to law enforcement, and taking steps to hide the scheme.

It is not illegal to dismember and broker human body parts, but it is illegal to sell remains that tested positive for infectious disease.

Donald Greene Sr. allegedly falsely told customers on at least eight occasions the parts BRCI was selling had received negative test results, according to authorities.

Rathburn was sentenced to nine years in prison in 2018.

Donald Greene Sr.is charged with wire fraud, according to federal documents cited by Michigan Live.

While most people are buried or cremated when they died, some bodies are donated to science. Also, a search warrant stated that an unidentified woman was told by the center that her son's tissues would be donated to colleges and research centers, but some of his body parts were sold for $5,000.

The U.S. attorney's office in Detroit, which is handling the case, would not comment on anything beyond what's in the documents. That specimen "had previously tested positive for hepatitis".

Greene Jr. faces a felony for intentionally concealing a crime.

Some of the body parts were allegedly sold for as much as $100,000, and were infected with HIV and sepsis, according to ABC TV station WISN.

When the Federal Bureau of Investigation carried out a search warrant at Rathburn's "filthy" warehouse in December 2013, they found human body parts in paint cans, beer coolers and plastic containers, covered with dead flies.

At the time of writing, no reports have indicated any response from the Green's lawyers.

Black market body part brokering is a grizzly, big money reality CBS 2 has investigated for years.

According to Detroit Free Press, he made $13 million from the scheme.

"The human head was packaged in a trash bag placed within a camping cooler", said a statement from the Attorney's Office". Large quantities of liquid blood were found within the coolers.

The feds honed in on a key link to notorious Detroit body broker Arthur Rathburn.

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