Craig Wright vs. Hodlonaut: Binance CEO Threatens to Delist Bitcoin SV

Binance CEO on Craig Wright:

Binance CEO on Craig Wright: "Anymore Of This Sh*T" - Time To Short Bitcoin SV?

The letter by Craig Wright reportedly made a series of demands from Hodlonaut including deleting all the tweets, not repeat the allegations and tweet an apology like the prescribed one in the letter itself. Legally, it would be up to him to prove beyond any doubt that he is Satoshi Nakamoto in order to have the legal capacity to consider himself a victim of defamation.

Whatever the case is between Craig Wright and Hodlonaut, it certainly irked Changpeng Zhao who has for some time now remained silent on Craig's claim that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Wright now claims that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creater of Bitcoin white paper. "Anymore of this sh!t, we delist!" Not that it came from an intervention of the affected person, Craig Wright, who has apparently vanished from Twitter. He said that it was Wright's insistence on being the creator of Bitcoin that led to the Bitcoin Cash fork war in November which cost Bitcoin to fall below $6000 and kicked many projects out of business. This generated a solidarity campaign towards Hodlnaut and the other defendants, but also a campaign to delist BSV from as many exchanges as possible. It seems like everyone in the industry is exhausted of hearing Wright's claims without seeing any evidence that he is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto.

In December previous year, Bitcoin SV faced criticism after a researcher reportedly showed how any user could spend the same coins twice on its network in a "0-conf transaction". The statement further claims that he wrote Bitcoin's white paper, sent the first Bitcoin transaction, and played an integral role in the network's development. At the time of writing, most cryptocurrencies were trading in green but Bitcoin SV was trading in red against the Dollars. This shows that it is down by 3.17% against the United States dollars and down by 3.24% against BTC. However, Bitcoin SV stands at the 7th position while trading around 103.07 with a market capitalization of around $1.8 billion. Do you think it will happen? If it does, how will it affect the Bitcoin SV price long-term? Tell us in the comments section below.

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