Facebook Messenger Might Go Back Into Main App; Hints CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook may soon let you chat with friends on mobile without Messenger

Facebook may soon let you chat with friends on mobile without Messenger

In fact, the social media network originally made the switch to use the two, separate apps back in 2011.

Researcher Jane Manchun Wong spotted the familiar Messenger logo at the top of the main Facebook app. According to Wong, the upcoming messages section will be limited to simple text conversations while more advanced features like calls and file sharing will still require the Messenger app.

This does have some advantages, like the ability to use Messenger without using Facebook.

If this integration ends up seeing the light of day, it's possible Facebook could roll it out to all users by early 2020, which is when Facebook is expected to unify its messaging platforms. It hasn't yet been confirmed by Facebook, however, and it's unclear when the change might take place.

Having pushed its users to install Messenger on their mobile devices to continue chatting with their contacts, Facebook seems ready to take a big step back, basically returning to its origins. Gizmodo reached out to Facebook for comment but did not immediately receive a response. Now, however, it appears Facebook might be bringing the core messaging functions of Facebook back into the regular Facebook app. But given Zuckerberg's reported intention to merge Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, we're ready to bet this is one of those things that will move out of testing and in the public eye relatively quickly. Since then, you've basically been forced to download the second app if you want to read and reply to Facebook messages on iOS.

Initially, Zuckerberg promised that Instagram and WhatsApp would remain independent.

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