Horizon: The Frozen Wilds Voice Actor Teases Horizon Zero Dawn 2

It sounds like we've got a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel to look forward to

It sounds like we've got a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel to look forward to

Let's take a moment to pause from all the Star Wars news this weekend to talk about something that's also incredibly cool. She also voiced the character Tatai in The Frozen Wilds DLC later that year.

As a new IP, Horizon Zero Dawn was an huge success for Sony and the team at Guerilla Games. But the actress was on location at Star Wars Celebration due to her inclusion of that franchise too.

This interaction was captured on what appears to be an IRL stream on Twitch. Luckily, the footage has been posted on Streamable, where you can watch for yourself.

Horizon Zero Dawn was a major success for Guerrilla Games and it sold more than 10 million copies in its lifetime making it the best and fastest selling game by Guerrilla Games.

However, there aren't any other details available on the Horizon Zero Dawn 2 as of now. "You're gonna die - I know some secrets - you're gonna die", no doubt being metaphorical, as opposed to relaying some kind of terrifying premonition. Otherwise, how else could she be relegated to exactly what the match is doing and exactly what its secrets are? However, her character was left with a bit of an open narrative. Because of this continuation, Tatai could return in a sequel, meaning Gavankar may have some knowledge of its development. But, I am sure we will find out whenever Guerilla officially unveils the game.

What do you think Janina could be talking about?

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