Infinity Ward & Respawn co-founder reportedly hired by Epic

Jason West

Jason West

Epic Games has been flexing its financial muscle fueled by the wildly successful Fortnite battle royale game. There they created the Titanfall series of shooters for EA. Jason West, co-founder of Infinity Ward and Respawn Entertainment, has apparently been quietly hired by the company. But now West is back, and he's joined forces with billion-dollar juggernaut Epic Games.

Jason West has been idle for the past few years since 2013 after he left gaming altogether.

Jason West was one of the original founders of Infinity Ward and one of the creators of Call of Duty franchise. An official company statement confirmed that West had left the company to "take care of some family issues". Keighley also states that West has already been working with Epic for a month.

What do you think Jason West is working on over at Epic? Fortnite has become an global news story because of its popularity, with Grammy-award winning musicians, and star athletes all loving the game. Even though Epic is now known for the mega-hit Fortnite, they'll surely continue to make more titles in the future, especially with how much revenue Fortnite has brought in for the company.

Making another game that successful could be hard, not least because Fortnite followed and capitalized a trend set by another game.

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