Ricciardo and Renault have tried to be 'too clever' with F1 set-up

Daniel Ricciardo seemed positive in the car after first day of China

Daniel Ricciardo seemed positive in the car after first day of China

It has been agony for Ricciardo fans so far this year, with the larrikin Aussie one of five drivers yet to score a point this season. And speaking in Shanghai, Ricciardo voiced the opinion that an attempt to be "too clever" by Renault over the race weekends in pursuit of a "perfect car" was perhaps hindering his progress.

Daniel Ricciardo described Friday at the Chinese Grand Prix as "a little bit mixed" despite a solid showing in the Renault F1 Team. Sat down with the engineers and had a debrief in a bit of peace and quiet in our own environment.

"I am trying to settle in, and also my engineers are trying to work with me, and I think probably all of us are trying to maybe be too clever as well".

"We're trying to understand why", the Australian noted. I don't want to say that, because you're always trying to find the limits. But for now, maybe we need to keep a more basic approach and just do what we can, do it well and then probably not look for that extra one per cent at the moment.

"And I guess simple things - let the track come to us, and try to have a vehicle that I am comfortable with rather than chasing the ideal auto, which is constantly doing this [changing]".

"There is probably more time from just being comfortable and working well together".

"I would like to think that I am able to adapt and figure it out, but I think the reality right now is that I am probably better off in something I am more comfortable [in] and in something I am more consistent with".

"It's more on a knife edge in that area, and I've noticed I'm locking a wheel here or there".

Ricciardo posted the sixth-quickest time in the session on the track that he won on past year, ahead of the man who replaced him at Red Bull, Pierre Gasly, while Hulkenberg could only manage 12th.

"It is trying to figure out what is going to work best and that again can maybe be frustrating at times but I see the excitement in that", he said. I know it'll come. But that will come with a bit of confidence.

"I don't have that level, or haven't as yet had that level of confidence on braking, as I had past year. I still want my competitors to fear me!"

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