Sasha Banks reportedly tried to quit over WrestleMania weekend

WWE: Popular wrestler Sasha Banks is planning to quit the company? Read on to know more

WWE: Popular wrestler Sasha Banks is planning to quit the company? Read on to know more

Sasha Banks was supposed to wrestle Alexa Bliss in her return to active competition on Monday Night Raw but Bayley stepped in and took the loss to the returning Bliss.

Sasha Banks was not happy with WWE's decision to take the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship belts off her and Bayley at WrestleMania 35.

The Wrestling Observers' comment is as follows,"According to one person high up, Banks tried to quit over the weekend, as she felt blindsided in finding out at the last minute that they were taking the tag team titles from her and Bayley". There are things that make it hard to laugh; hard to live the way you want. You look around and life is happening way too fast. Everything happens all at once and right away. Then one day you look up and you can't find the meaning. Well... I don't want normal, I want magic; cause that's the place that feels like home to me. That's the place where love still matters. I want to feel like myself.

- $asha Banks (@SashaBanksWWE) April 9, 2019Due to personal reasons, I had to pull out of my appearance today on @WendyWilliams. Though some staffers with Williams' show claimed that Banks would never be invited back to the show, Williams herself announced Banks missed the taping due to a family emergency, and would be invited back. Hopefully the opportunity will be there again later. Banks, who is usually ringside when Bayley has a match, was not on the show that night.

Interestingly Banks" husband, former wrestler and now WWE costume designer Mikaze, tweeted out a statement yesterday which stated "There comes a point in time where passion and pleasure intersect with business and finances', hinting at Banks' current issues.

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