'SNL' takes aim at Lori Loughlin, Michael Avenatti, Julian Assange

Michael Keaton SNL

Michael Keaton SNL

For the second week in a row, Saturday Night Live has taken a break from a cold open with Trump. "I helped their kids get into a really competitive Pre-K". She managed to upstage Kenan Thompson's inmate, who killed his neighbor and ate their fingers. "I paid $500 grand to get my daughter into USC", she says blithely.

"You paid 500 grand for USC?" a prisoner asked in disbelief. "I've seen hell, man", she snarled.

Everyone agreed she was much crazier than Thompson's murderer.

Things quickly escalate as Redd calls her "Aunt Becky" and she pulls out a shiv and reveals she has joined the Nation of Islam.

"You think prison is hard?" she said. I've done 68 Hallmark movies... Avenatti, the real one, was charged with a host of financial crimes by the federal government on Thursday. "I'm accused of crimes you can't even conceive of, like blackmailing a sneaker company and stealing taxes from a coffee shop to fund a racecar team".

Davidson as Avenatti said he was "so shady that a porn star once said that she needed to distance herself from me".

"SNL" took a swipe at the legal woes of Loughlin, lawyer Michael Avenatti (played by Pete Davidson) and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (Michael Keaton).

"But my password is numbers and letters", Mooney's inmate responded.

"I hope you're proud of every single photo in your iCloud library, because - boom - all your dingdong pics just went on the internet", Keaton's Assange said after Mooney's character challenges him.

"Y'all wanna know how insane I am? I'm the scourge of the cleaning staff at the Ecuadorian embassy", Keaton's Assange bragged, referencing the location of Assange's seven-year asylum period.

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