Tom Brady's longtime helmet of choice is now outlawed in NFL

Seattle Seahawks safety Delano Hill wears a Vicis helmet during a game last season

Seattle Seahawks safety Delano Hill wears a Vicis helmet during a game last season

The 32 NFL players who ended last season wearing helmet models not approved by the league and the NFL Players Association will have no such option this coming season.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) celebrates after a Patriots touchdown against the Los Angeles Rams during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LIII at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Brady's model of helmet was banned from the National Football League because it did not meet necessary safety standards in laboratory testing, according to ESPN.

Six of 11 new helmet models studied this year placed among the top 10 rated models overall in tests created to simulate concussion-causing impacts sustained by players during games. "A player will not be allowed on the field (wearing such a helmet)", National Football League executive vice president of health and safety initiatives Jeff Miller said Friday.

The NFL and NFLPA have been subjecting helmets to testing since 2015, and last year six types were banned immediately while four others - including Brady's - were allowed for one more year, according to Seifert. Of course, the announcement likely didn't come as any surprise to Brady, and that's because his helmet was actually one of 10 that was put on the banned list past year. "A player will not be allowed on the field [wearing such a helmet]". The best-performing helmets are in the green category. Last year, after the poster that ranks helmet performance was issued, about 50 percent of players in the National Football League upgraded to a better performing helmet.

The NFL announced in January that the number of concussions suffered by players was down sharply last season. When the season began, 17 percent of players were still wearing prohibited helmets, the league says. "You talk about behavioral changes are hard; I've tried new helmets and I'm like, 'Doesn't work, get that out of here!' You just have to get comfortable with it".

If Tom Brady wants to play in the National Football League in 2019, he's going to have find a new helmet to wear. There are 27 helmets that tested into the best performing category, and officials also plan to make recommendations to players about which higher performing helmets offer the same comfort, fit and look as a prohibited helmet, to facilitate the switch.

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