Ireland set to be warmer than Barcelona, Lanzarote, and Athens this weekend

Metro Detroit weather: Chance of rain every day this week

Metro Detroit weather: Chance of rain every day this week

Saying that the month has been less than favourable with high winds, heavy rain and near freezing overnight temperatures - a far cry from sunbathing weather it is fair to say.

"It is certainly warming up for the Bank Holiday weekend".

But it is not certain how long the sunshine will last, with some parts of the country set for a cooler Easter Sunday than others.

And long weekend planning means looking at the weather pattern to see if it's patio appropriate. Most of the country will be dry and sunny with above-normal temperatures in the south and west, but cooler along North Sea coasts.

Easter Saturday is also expected to excel with beach-friendly temperatures of over 21 degrees expected to be seen in some parts of the country.

Sunshine returns for Good Friday with seasonable highs in the mid-60s.

Comparatively, major holiday destinations in Europe are falling a little below expectations in terms of weather for the coming weekend.

Clouds and southerly winds will keep temperatures mild overnight, just dropping down into the upper-50s.

Easter is late this year, and the high temperatures are likely to push 2019 into the list of warmest Easter weekends, the KNMI said.

"As we go through the weekend, 19 degrees in Belfast and maybe 25 degrees in parts of the southeast".

"Come inland and it will be 13 to 18 degrees and those temperatures are only going to get higher".

The warm weather is due to a stable period of high pressure over Scandinavia, allowing weather forecasters to predict stable warm weather further ahead, the KNMI said.

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