Burger King's Meatless 'Impossible Whopper' Set to Roll Out Nationwide

Burger King plans nationwide roll out of vegan Impossible Whopper

Burger King plans nationwide roll out of vegan Impossible Whopper

While it's important to engage in discussions about the reality of depression and mental health issues, it's hard to separate the brand's social conscience from its shrewd marketing schemes, and the fact that it appears as though Burger King is suggesting you can cure your depression with a Whopper meal.

The vegan Whopper of Impossible Foods took the test in St. Louis 'exceedingly well.' The Impossible Whopper is not just like any other veggie burger.

Less than a month later, Burger King says the pilot project has shown "encouraging results" and that the meatless patty is ready to become a permanent menu item.

The fast-food restaurant recently did a trial run of the plant-based burger at St. Louis in early April.

"A natural extension of encouraging people to "Be their way" is encouraging them to 'Feel their way, '" Burger King said in a release.

Burger King partnered with the non-profit organization Mental Health America to increase visibility about issues surrounding mental health during May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month. The product is created to give the customers another option if they want to eat a burger every day, but not eat beef or any kind of meat. To do this, Burger King partnered with Impossible Foods, a relatively new fake meat start-up. It's said to taste and look even more like real meat.

The exact timeline of nationwide roll out and additional markets in which Burger King plans to test the Impossible Whopper were not immediately available.

From a business point of view, Burger King sees the vegan Whopper as a product that supplements the regular sales of the beef type.

"It's really hard to distinguish between the Impossible Whopper and the original offer".

Pat Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods, is hoping that plant-based foods will replace the worldwide need for animal meat by 2035.

The news was a bright spot in otherwise disappointing first-quarter earnings for Restaurant Brands, which said its first-quarter net income fell 9% to $135 million on weaker same-store sales growth.

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