Ryan Reynolds 'Leaks' 'Pokémon Detective Pikachu' & It's Giving Us 'Deadpool' Flashbacks



But, if you watch the video, the logos for Warner Bros.

Christmas has come early for Pokémon fans and it's all thanks to Warner Bros. and Ryan Reynolds, the star of the studio's upcoming Detective Pikachu - or at least, that's how things seemed at first.

A supposed leak of the movie was published on Tuesday night from a mysterious YouTube account called Inspector Pikachu, and was tweeted about by the voice of Pikachu, Ryan Reynolds. Pictures, Legendary Pictures, and The Pokemon Company appear on screen before a brief scene plays out with actor Justice Smith, playing Tim Goodman in the film.

At the first glance, it seems that it could be a pirated copy of the film but the video is a well thought-out and amusing marketing gimmick, which shows Pikachu dancing to Bobby King's "I Cannot Hear You" for nearly two hours straight. It's definitely on brand for Reynolds' sense of humor.

Before Detective Pikachu's official release date this Friday, it looked like the entire movie had leaked online.

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