Judge’s Ruling in Trump Lawsuit Challenging Congressional Subpoena Expected Shortly

Trump urges judge not to fast-track his lawsuit over House subpoena

Trump urges judge not to fast-track his lawsuit over House subpoena

A federal judge is expected to quickly issue a ruling after hearing arguments Tuesday on President Donald Trump's lawsuit challenging whether lawmakers have the constitutional authority to issue a congressional subpoena requesting his financial records.

"The sole question before the court - Is the House Oversight Committee's issuance of a subpoena to Mazars USA LLP for financial records of President Donald Trump and various associated entities a valid exercise of legislative power? - is fully briefed, and the court can discern no benefit from an additional round of legal arguments", Mehta, an Obama appointee, wrote Thursday. The committee has said it wants the records to corroborate former Trump attorney Michael Cohen's testimony before Congress as well as to help investigate whether the president has any conflicts of interest with his businesses.

Politico reports that Amit Mehta, a district court judge in Washington D.C., indicated during a hearing that he would be very reluctant to declare a congressional subpoena of Trump's finances unconstitutional based on Congress' role in overseeing the executive branch as outlined in the Constitution.

But Mehta mentioned during Tuesday's hearing that the judicial branch hasn't found a subpoena outside of Congress' authority in more than a century.

In particular, Mehta said that congressional investigations of former presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were not attached to any specific legislative objective.

Other House panels have requested Trump's banking records and tax returns, while his company also faces inquiries from NY state regulators and is defending itself in two lawsuits alleging that the company violates the Constitution by doing business with foreign governments. Decades of precedent has established that the legislature's investigative power is not limited to just researching possible legislation.

That has led Democrats to issue a number of subpoenas ranging from obtaining Trump's finances from Mazars to six years of his tax returns from the IRS.

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