Judge skeptical of Trump effort to keep records from House

Judge poised to weigh in on Trump stonewalling of Democratic investigation

Judge poised to weigh in on Trump stonewalling of Democratic investigation

U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta in Washington proposed holding a trial on Tuesday, May 14, but Trump's lawyers said that plan would deny the president a "full and fair" hearing.

Mehta is expected to issue a decision after an 11 A.M. hearing in Washington.

Team Trump says the subpoena is an abuse of congressional oversight; Democrats say that Trump is just trying to delay accountability with his court challenges.

"My decision in this case will be issued promptly, but it will be issued consistent with the gravity of the issues and the importance of the issues to the parties", Mehta said at the hearing.

Trump's attorneys sued to block the subpoena from House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings of Maryland to obtain eight years of Trump's records from Mazars USA. Mehta said he would decide the merits of the case after a hearing on Tuesday, skipping a preliminary phase. "So any time the calendar is accelerated that probably favours Congress".

Trump and his allies argue that House Democrats are misusing their oversight authority for partisan reasons as they continue to launch investigations into the president's business dealings and finances as well as matters related to special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation.

Lawyers for Trump and the Trump Organization, his company, last month filed a lawsuit to block the House Oversight subpoena, saying it exceeded the constitutional limits of Congress's investigative power.

Mehta was particularly skeptical of the Trump attorneys' claims that Congress needed to show a legitimate legislative reason before it could subpoena documents related to the president's finances.

The administration so far has defied all subpoenas and requests from Congress, leading to more potential court fights.

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