Ariana Grande sued for posting paparazzi photos on her Instagram account

Ariana Grande Reportedly Being

Ariana Grande Reportedly Being

Ariana Grande has found herself in a legal situation after sharing images of herself on Instagram.

He says Grande didn't have, 'permission or consent to publish the photographs'.

The photos in question, which feature her in a grey sweatshirt dress and cream boots and carrying a see-through bag emblazoned with the name of her album Sweetener, earned her nearly 3.4 million likes on the social media website.

According to court documents, the post was liked by 3,392,079 of her followers, but it clearly wasn't liked by Barbera. Barbera is asking for $25,000 per photo, or for the profits she gained from posting the photos, whichever is more.

Ariana Grande's now-deleted Instagram post, submitted as evidence.

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