Netflix to make videogames show debut at E3 2019

Netflix is coming to E3 to talk about turning their shows into games

Netflix is coming to E3 to talk about turning their shows into games

One of Netflix's official Twitter accounts made the news public with a surprise tweet late Monday, in which it sent a public message to the official E3 account asking for an invite to this year's event.

What this bit of staged banter revealed was that Netflix will be running a panel called "Bringing Your Favourite Shows to Life: Developing Netflix Originals into Video Games". What can attendees expect to learn during the discussion?

E3 asked for a hint about the games Netflix would be talking about at the event, with Netflix confirming they'd talk about their upcoming Stranger Things game and teasing "definitely more to come". The other involves console and mobile releases of games based on Netflix properties, like the Stranger Things games.

Netflix's ambitions in the gaming industry are no secret, with a rollout of interactive TV shows like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and You Vs Wild showing an appetite for game-like content on the streaming platform.

Netflix already has an established library of popular titles to choose from when it comes to video game adaptations, and several of its shows immediately come to mind as strong candidates for getting the game treatment.

The totally out-there series The OA seems like it's loaded with opportunities to explore corners of its story in game form.

The Umbrella Academy seems tailor-made for a co-op superhero fighting game.

Netflix has approached games in two distinct ways.

With E3 just a few short weeks away, and both EA and Sony backing away from hosting press conferences this year, E3 2019 has opened up a little for some new players.

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