Steve Bullock is 22nd Democratic Candidate to Enter 2020 Race

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Steve Bullock (D) became the 22nd Democratic candidate in the race Tuesday, announcing his bid in a video called "Fair Shot". "A government that serves campaign money and not the people".

"I think we can both defeat Donald Trump and get this country working again", he said.

Bullock presents himself as a potential unifier in a party torn between those who prefer a pragmatist who can appeal to moderates and independents, and those who want a fresh face who can energize the party's increasingly diverse and left-leaning voters. "That's how I was able to bring Democrats and Republicans together". For example, in discussing healthcare, he says Trump has worked to "destabilize" care for millions, but does not mention the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

Bullock pointed to his successes as governor in Montana, where Republicans control the state legislature, and his ability to forge compromises on bills to expand Medicaid, increase campaign finance disclosures, bolster pay equity for women and protect public lands. More specifically, he won re-election in 2016 in a state President Trump carried by 20 points, per NPR.

The campaign finance law he signed in 2015 requires that political groups disclose their donors and specify how they spend the money.

Bullock's late entry into a race already crowded with more well-known candidates may make it hard for the governor to get the required 1% support in the polls and 65,000 donors in order to participate in the first two Democratic primary debates this summer.

Bullock hired veteran Democratic operative Jenn Ridder, who ran Colorado Governor Jared Polis' successful campaign in 2018, as his campaign manager.

"What have you been proudest to achieve as governor?" a reporter asked Bullock during his presidential campaign announcement in Helena, Montana. The Montana legislature adjourned in late April.

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