Three motorcycle cops injured in Trump motorcade accident

Trump pushes 'America First energy policy' on Louisiana trip

Trump pushes 'America First energy policy' on Louisiana trip

Four officers escorting President Donald Trump to a speech in Louisiana reportedly crashed on I-10 Tuesday afternoon. While the president wasn't affected, the motorcycle police officers were.

Trump continued on to an event at the Cameron LNG Export Facility in Hackberry La., to promote energy infrastructure and economic growth.

Trump's motorcade slowed down as it passed the site of the accident in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and reporters in a press auto saw at least two officers on the ground and injured. She said in a tweet that she "saw 2 officers standing & being tended to with very bloodied arms as we drove by". Another shot shows an officer lying down on the side of the road while receiving assistance. "All three are being treated for injuries at a nearby hospital and are in stable condition".

According to NBC News, The Beast also has "a night vision system and some other James Bond-style gimmicks: It can put out a smokescreen, fire tear gas, and lay down an oil slick to send vehicles chasing it out of control".

The accident did not impact the movement of Trump's motorcade, Secret Service spokesman Mason Brayman said. Later, he gave a speech promoting USA energy policy.

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