Uber's new 'quiet mode' lets you avoid small talk with drivers

Getty Images  Brian Ach

Getty Images Brian Ach

Quiet mode is one of the new preferences available beginning Tuesday evening across the us for premium Uber rides, which means only Uber Black or Uber Black SUV rides.

For one, passengers will be able to pick a "happy to chat" option through the app if they're up for chit-chat, or a "quiet preferred" option if speaking to another human being is the last thing they need right now.

'We know that when riders choose Uber Black and Uber Black SUV, they want a consistent, high quality experience every time they ride, ' the company said.

Premium units of United States ride-hailing company Uber are now offering a new service that allows their high-end clientele to ask for minimal conversation during the journey. Beginning today in the US, riders will be able to select "Quiet preferred" or "happy to chat" in the app, or just leave the setting at "No preference", so the driver will get a heads-up before he or she picks you up.

Uber says the changes have been implemented to help provide riders with the best possible experience.

Additionally, Uber has increased the wait limit from five minutes to 15 minutes before a driver can cancel a ride. Originally founded as a luxury vehicle service that could be booked through a smartphone app, Uber later introduced low-priced options like Uber Pool.

Uber isn't the only ride-sharing app that's looked into adding 'Quiet Mode'.

But most of the noise so far has been made about a few new toggles riders can switch on to let drivers know what they want from their driver.

Rival ride-hailing service Lyft has also considered launching a similar feature, wherein users can request limited conversation from their drivers.

Uber hasn't commented on whether or not this is the case, however.

The pilot program will start with the University of SC, while other universities can get themselves enrolled.

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