BTS recreates the Beatles US Debut with ‘The Late Show’

BTS Pay Tribute to The Beatles for Their Debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

BTS Pay Tribute to The Beatles for Their Debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Beatles are at the peak of their stardom.

The K-pop band showed up on Colbert's program, which is broadcast from the same theater where the Beatles made their US debut on The Ed Sullivan Show, and parodied that history-making event from 1964.

A lot of comparisons have been made between The Beatles and BTS as of late, mainly because the K-Pop group became the first traditional music ensemble to achieve a Billboard chart milestone since The Beatles. Colbert was pretty great as a host and had dressed like Ed Sullivan himself too. The band performed their Halsey collab "Boy With Luv" in high-cut black suits in front of a drum kit bearing BTS' name in the Beatles' typeface.

Colbert went all out too, acting as Ed Sullivan and introducing the boys with a quote nearly identical to Sullivan's introduction.

While introducing BTS, Colbert said, "You may have heard there's a new musical craze sweeping the globe, these fellas are really something".

"They're called BTS and people are so excited you can only call it BTS Mania".

The new segment was recorded in black-and-white, with a bit of a tease: "Exactly 50 years later, plus five more years, three months, six days, a new batch of mop-topped heartthrobs has landed". He told the audience they all go by the same nickname-"the cute one." LOL.

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