Galaxy S10 5G now available at Verizon, starting at $1,299

Changes made to the Samsung Galaxy Fold should prevent a repeat of the previous issues

Changes made to the Samsung Galaxy Fold should prevent a repeat of the previous issues

Screens flickered, cracked, and bulged - a veritable PR nightmare for Samsung.

" Bill's, The Breakfast Club, Patty & Bun, and Pizza Pilgrims have been secretly creating some exciting dishes that only Samsung owners can get their teeth into." wrote the company on the page about the secret menus on its website.

That was the right call.

Strap in - we'll be in for the usual leaky ride heading into the Note release, let's hope the battery is nailed this time and the evolution of the Note platform continues.

Carrying a price tag of $1,980, the Galaxy Fold is no ordinary phone and is more of a luxury device.

Samsung may have come up with solutions for the Galaxy Fold's defects weeks after review units experienced screen breaks, flickering and bulges.

The tech giant has also previously said that it will make it clearer on its packaging that the protective layer should not be removed. Other display-related problems were supposedly caused by dust and debris getting caught in tiny gaps caused by the Fold's hinge.

In a statement to the United States media, Samsung said their initial findings showed that the reported issues could be due to the impact on the exposed areas at the top and bottom of the hinge, besides a broken substance inside the device. According to a recent Korean report, Samsung is now testing out improvements for the design issues and the exact date for the June launch should soon be announced.

According to Yonhap, after the fixes, Samsung will look to re-license the device for sale and hasn't yet provided a hard release date for its revamped version.

That's. a really aggressive timeline for some serious problems.

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. However, that seems to directly contradict other reports last week where Samsung seemed to have no idea when preorders would ship in letters sent out to customers. This discount will take the form of monthly bill credits. Probably because, as my colleague Alex Cranz noted, it was more concerned with being first out the gate with a foldable phone.

FTC regulations now require companies to ship preordered devices within a specified time frame or let customers cancel orders.

Following numerous reports from reviewers that flaws in the new Galaxy Fold caused them to inadvertently destroy the phone, Samsung now appears to have tweaked the design to prevent future mishaps.

Fans were hoping to get a new release date last week - at least for customers in the US - but it never came.

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