Top Cryptocurrencies Sees Strong Gain On Sunday, Bitcoin Rebounds To $8,000

Bitcoin Crypto 4 mins Why The Bitcoin Flash Crash To $6,400 Isn’t Entirely Bearish Positive Factors

Bitcoin Crypto 4 mins Why The Bitcoin Flash Crash To $6,400 Isn’t Entirely Bearish Positive Factors

On Sunday Monday 19, a tweet published by the Zulu Republic stated that the digital platform announced its cryptocurrency messaging platform Lite.Im to help simplify ways to receive and send virtual currency via WhatsApp. There are numerous options for users apart from sending and receiving BTC and LTC.

The service also allows people to earn cryptocurrency via a referral program. On the week, the coin has also seen its value increase by over 35%. Users can tweak the options, choose a language (for now only English or Spanish), set a password, and set a default coin between four options: BTC, LTC, ETH, and the startup's native token, Zulu Republic Token (ZTX).

The default languages now are Spanish and English.

SMS-based cryptocurrency transactions introduce some simplicity into the cryptocurrency transaction paradigm, especially for less tech-savvy individuals. Lite.Im already has similar services for Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and SMS.

According to the company, cryptocurrency adoption is an essential component of social messaging. WhatsApp alone has more than 1.5 billion users in virtually every corner of the globe.

This mobile money transaction through WhatsApp will make it easier for people in Africa and Southeast Asia where there are huge population of underbanked and unbacked people.

In 2019 alone, there has been a slew of announcements from different establishments about plans to adopt Bitcoin.

Many commentators in the industry say BTC is becoming a more mature asset class and looks well on its way to fulfilling the expectations of many early believers. Luckily, you can already send bitcoin on Whats App.

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