Razer launches beefy Blade Studio Edition laptops for content creators

Image Nvidia

Image Nvidia

The release, known as Quake 2 RTX, will be available as a free download for Linux and Windows PC on June 6.

Depending on which Nvidia GPU brand laptop makers choose to go with, they will either get a Quadro RTX Sudio or GeForce RTX Studio badge for their product. The pitch seems to be that Studio-certified laptops are not only capable of high-powered content creation chores, but also offer a mix of drivers and SDKs that ensure a smooth workflow without any hiccups. They don't provide any specific metrics on how this was measured, so for now, we will just have to take their word for it and assume that it is very fast.

"It's rare that a PC game has the impact and longevity of Quake II, and seeing it reimagined with ray tracing 20 years later is something special for me", added Tim Willits, studio director of id Software and someone who helped to create Quake originally. Pricing starts at $1,599 and will vary based on partner designs, features and region. For now though, we'll have to be content with ogling the lovely images above. More recently, GPU deep learning ignited modern AI - the next era of computing - with the GPU acting as the brain of computers, robots and self-driving cars that can perceive and understand the world.

Pro-grade laptops that have RTX Studio certification will also come with real-time ray-tracing capabilities and some of the AI-powered smarts found in the Turing architecture. GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q laptop was 7x faster in Maya+Arnold and REDCINE-X PRO.

Reports confirm that Nvidia has unveiled a new software-hardware initiative named RTX Studio program which is aimed at creators and a wide line-up of laptops will be announced that support it at the Computex Taipei 2019.

NVIDIA has made available a new version of its Quadro Graphics driver, namely 430.86 (Release R430 U3), which implements additional performance improvements over the previous releases.

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