Trump says 'big difference' between disgraced Richard Nixon is 'I don't leave'

John Dean former counsel to President Richard Nixon speaks to the Senate Judiciary Committee in September

John Dean former counsel to President Richard Nixon speaks to the Senate Judiciary Committee in September

In a letter sent to Nadler last week, however, the Department of Justice said that it was willing to resume negotiations with House Democrats, but only if the contempt proceedings against the attorney general are halted and reversed.

Previously, the Department and committee Democrats had been locked in a standoff over the committee's subpoena for the full, unredacted Mueller report and all its underlying evidence.

It would also empower committee chairs to authorize lawsuits without a vote from the full House in order to enforce subpoenas and compel testimony from current and former West Wing aides, as lawmakers dig into whether Trump obstructed justice, alleged mismanagement in the White House security clearance procedures, the president's finances and his administration's immigration policies.

It's unclear how quickly Democrats will go to court once the resolution is approved.

The Justice Department did not have an immediate comment.

McGahn was a key witness for Mueller, but has declined to testify before congressional committees, complying with the wishes of the White House. After Monday's deal, however, they chose to vote only on the motion authorizing the panel to go to federal court, if necessary, to enforce subpoenas.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday she's "done" with talking about President Donald Trump and called him the "diverter in chief", saying he manufactured controversies to distract attention from more important issues.

The 448-page, redacted Mueller report was released on April 18.

While acknowledging he was not a "fact witness" on the Mueller report, Dean highlighted similarities he saw between the two presidents, particularly on the matter of pardons and whether they were used to obstruct justice.

"In that case, a privilege can't protect information that has already been voluntarily disclosed".

Earlier in the day, Trump lashed out at Dean, calling him a "sleazebag" ahead of his appearance at a House hearing.

"He left", Trump told reporters at the White House.

Mueller said he couldn't reach a conclusion on whether there was obstruction and also said he found "insufficient evidence to charge a broader conspiracy" on election interference. "But that's what the Attorney General agreed to do yesterday".

The House Judiciary Committee on Monday heard testimony from former White House counsel John Dean, whose congressional testimony in 1973 is believed to have led to President Richard Nixon's resignation.

The Democratic leadership has to date refused to initiate impeachment proceedings for fear that they would bring to the surface an unprecedented crisis of constitutional rule in America, to which Trump might respond by appealing to his fascistic base and the military brass to resist arms in hand. His testimony provided fodder to Democrats like the committee's chairman, Jerrold Nadler, who are chomping at the bit to proceed to impeachment.

"Clearly, Special Counsel Mueller did not exonerate Mr Trump".

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